COVID-19 Support

As a company, we continue to work in a business as usual manner. All our teams are used to working remotely and we have had all the supporting tools and platforms needed to do this for over a decade. As you can imagine, we are much busier than usual, however we have the people and the tools in place to be able deal with this. Our products and services are built on the one of the largest cloud platforms in the world (Amazon AWS).

Medical Schools and Royal Colleges are at the forefront of helping to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and we are proud to be able to help them in in every way we can. It is vital that final year medical and health-related students are able to graduate so that they can enter the workforce to help their colleagues. Imperial College and Brighton and Sussex Medical School have recently run their final knowledge-based exams online using Practique (see Guardian/Observer article), with final year students successfully taking their exams at home – read about one student’s experience. This means over 300 newly qualified doctors will be available to enter the workplace to help tackle the current crisis in the NHS. We have worked with other medical schools to help them qualify their students taking either open-book exams at home or using our new integrated remote-proctoring solution.

How can we help you?

If you are an existing customer please get in touch with your account manager (or fill in the contact form below) to see how we can help you. To support health educators:

  • We have integrated Remote Proctoring functionality into our the written assessment module.
  • We have extended our assessment platform (Practique) to include Remote Clinical Skills (OSCE), Orals and Admissions Interviews from home, including video and audio media.
  • We have offered free use of our Practique written assessment module to help any medical school customer examine their current final year students at home.
  • We have extended the above offer to all UK Medical Schools, even if they are not an existing customer.
  • We have provided our website platform, Haiku, to Oxford University for free in order to help run a national clinical trial for testing people who have and have had COVID.
  • We are offering free Covid-19 related advice to our customers to help them with online remote assessments.

Reading Resources

Read about our work with Imperial College in the Observer/Guardian
Dr Amir Sam (Head of Undergraduate Medicine at Imperial College) on BBC World Service Newsday:
Dr Katharine Boursicot (Associate Dean at Duke NUS University in Singapore) and colleagues have published a paper (where they used our assessment platform: Practique): Conducting a high-stakes OSCE in a COVID-19 environment