Manage your booking and payments through the Fry booking system


Our booking system simplifies all your scheduling, booking and payment administration for exams and courses. It helps you to manage the candidate application process alongside the recruitment of examiners, ready for scheduling into Practique.

One central booking platform for all your admissions, exams, events and membership needs.


  Schedule exams and courses with a simplified booking process.


Automatically handle payments and refunds.


Recruit and manage availability of examiners across your exams.

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Our booking platform allows you to:

Schedule exams and courses

  • Provide candidates with an easy process for booking exams, courses, events and registration.
  • Automatically calculate candidate eligibility and capacity.
  • Visualise candidate progression through the examination pathway.
  • Manage applications, placements and approvals for courses, assessments and exams.
    Generate admissions documents and notifications for candidates.
    Consolidate appeals, remarks and refunds through a single platform.
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Process payments and refunds

  • Process payments securely and easily.
    electronic and manual payment options if appropriate.
    financial information for reporting purposes.
  • Generate full and partial refunds according to your chosen policies with a full approval process for security.
Overview of payment and refund summaries

Recruit and manage examiners

  • Advertise your exam schedule and invite examiners to submit their availability.
  • Send confirmations and reminders of chosen availability.
  • Export availability information for scheduling within Practique.
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Maintaining high standards of practice by supporting professional development

  • We help you take control of all your training and assessment from one central point.
  • ✔ Our tool allows your trainees to track their progress, discuss their development and reflect on their learning.
  • ✔ Manage e-portfolios, workplace-based assessments and CPD plans.


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Everything you need to manage high-stakes exams from preparation to delivery, analysis and reporting – all in one place.

  • ✔ We have the technology to help you run remote, in-person and hybrid high stake exams, OSCEs and admissions interviews.
  • ✔ Our remote proctoring ensures the integrity and security of your testing.
  • ✔ Run your exams flexibly on-site, or remotely across the globe.


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