Fry was presenting all of its new developments in e assessment and e portfolios at the AMEE conference 2016. There is an evident thirst for flexible and modern systems that can cope with the rigorous and ever changing world of medical training and assessment.

The success we are having with our current and new clients as well as the interest shown at the conference shows that Practique and Kaizen are ticking those boxes.

We often hear about the horror stories that come from using paper for high stake exams and we experienced our own paper disaster in Barcelona this year.

Our paper brochures intended for all the delegates were lost by the airline and it was a long and stressful night trying to get new ones printed in time. Not quite the high stakes of an medical final, but it certainly served as a reminder of how important the reliability of our products are. The airline also lost Will’s clothes, but it was hot so not so much of a problem!