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Examity, a world leader in online proctoring, is a multimodal solution ideal for universities and corporations. The company has been recognized for efficiency, security and convenience in online testing. Customers have the flexibility to select a variety of proctoring styles from automated through to live.

Proctor Exam

ProctorExam is a fully customisable online proctoring solution that provides a high level of exam integrity and adapts to all remote assessment requirements. With up to three monitoring options (screenshare, webcam, mobile phone), ProctorExam provides test organisers with a convenient online platform, adaptable to various assessment contexts: high stake exams, professional                                                                                             certification or recruitment process. 


TEAMCo deliver On-Screen and Paper-based exams, they/we provide the exam venue, the proctors and specialist IT equipment. Our UK and overseas teams provide Remote Proctoring with first line technical support for Live assessments and Record & Review.

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