Streamline your exam management with Practique


Our Practique platform helps you prepare and administer exams whether they are paper or digital, offline or online. Save hours of your time with our complete exam management system and let us automate your MMIs, OSCEs and OSPEs.

We can help you with all aspects of exam management right from developing your questions and scheduling exams through to ensuring your assessments run smoothly whichever format they take.

You can process results through our platform and add them to your candidates’ e-portfolio.

Hear how Brighton and Sussex Medical School used Practique for their OSCE examinations:

"Practique has completely transformed the way we run our clinical exams."

Graduate Medical School
University of Limerick

Create Exam Questions

Secure and comprehensive Question Bank

Manage exam delivery

Deliver exams across multiple platforms and locations

Analyse results

Get the most from your data

"Fry pandemic-proofed our exams during Covid-19."

Dr Viren Naik, director of assessment
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Practique is a total exam management solution which allows you to:

Create and prepare exams

  • Create exam questions and use inbuilt tooling to ensure validity and applicability with Practique authoring and blueprinting.
  • Create and maintain your own bank of questions across a wide range of question types including VSAs, MCQs, SBAs, and clinical scenarios.
  • Schedule exams flexibly through eportfolio.

Deliver exams

  • Enable your candidates to take exams online or offline, on paper, tablet, smartphone, PC or laptop.
  • Hold your exams in a test centre, medical or workplace setting, or in a remote location.
  • Ensure quality and integrity with our remote proctoring solution.
  • Deliver clinical assessments and admissions exams including OSCE, Oral and MMI Stations.

Analyse results

  • Mark exams in real time with no need for manual grading, simplifying the review process.
  • Process results using common standard setting methodologies, including Angoff, Ebel, Cohen, and Borderline Regression.
  • Publish results in the Kaizen integrated e-portfolio and provide a view of how candidates are performing.

"Our lead faculty members and I are extremely impressed with the system and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone interested."

Emma Foley, assessment officer, University of Limerick

For assessors:

  • ✔ A streamlined process for creating and storing exam questions of all types.
  • ✔ Flexible exam delivery on any medium and in any setting.
  • ✔ Efficient marking, processing and publishing of results.

For candidates:

  • ✔ Fair and appropriate exam questions presented in a simple to use exam interface.
  • ✔ A reliable exam format whether online, offline, centre-based or remote.
  • ✔ Clear view of progress with results published in the e-portfolio.

For universities, medical schools and Royal Colleges:

  • ✔ Quality and integrity of high-stakes exams.
  • ✔ Support with the transition to digital assessment.
  • ✔ A partner in qualifying medical professionals for their roles.

Maintaining high standards of practice by supporting professional development

  • We help you take control of all your training and assessment from one central point.
  • ✔ Our tool allows your trainees to track their progress, discuss their development and reflect on their learning.
  • ✔ Manage e-portfolios, workplace-based assessments and CPD plans.

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Simplification of all your scheduling, booking and payment administration for exams and courses

  • ✔ Schedule exams and courses, and automatically provide candidates with attendance documentation, times and locations.
  • ✔ Automatically handle payments, candidate exam eligibility and capacity.
  • ✔ Recruit and manage availability of examiners across your exams.

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