Maintain high standards of examinations with remote proctoring

Fry provides remote proctoring through carefully selected partners to meet your specific needs.

Via our partners, we offer a full service supplying highly trained proctors who will observe your exams live and online, to ensure the quality, integrity and fairness.

Additionally, we offer record and review proctoring services which examines recordings of your exam takers after the test and uses AI and automation technology to analyse candidate activity and identify anomalies.

Live exam proctoring

Monitor candidates in real-time to ensure the validity of your exams


Record and review proctoring

Evaluate recordings of candidates during exams to rule out malpractice

The remote proctoring services available include:

Live proctoring

  • Conduct real-time supervision of the testing process through our proctors to ensure exam integrity.
  • Support candidates during the exam process with any technical or administrative queries.
  • Verify candidate ID through multi-factor verification in accordance with GDPR.
  • Flag up unusual candidate behaviour during an exam and intervene.

Record and review proctoring

  • Create the exam in Practique and schedule it into the proctoring system.
  • Internally or externally review audio and video recordings of candidates’ screens and webcam footage, managed by our proctoring service.
  • Identify anomalies in candidate behaviour which can be investigated further.

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For assessors:

  • ✔ Full candidate identification and verification before the exam.
  • ✔ Confidence that exams are being taken under appropriate conditions.

For candidates:

  • ✔ Support with technical and administrative issues during the exam.
  • ✔ Reassurance that the exam they are taking is being conducted correctly.

For universities, medical schools and Royal Colleges:

  • ✔ Knowledge that the assessment process is testing everyone securely, fairly and equally.
  • ✔ Flexibility to transition to fully remote exams without compromising on quality.